If you want to truly feel present, there's no better place than the north. Places like Lofoten, the Faroe Islands, or Lapland are entirely at the mercy of the elements. There, nature's force set the rhythm, and we humans are only a tiny piece of it all. And you can feel this deep in your soul when you stand by the wild sea or at one of the silent lakes when you travel through vast open spaces and explore nature's barren, raw beauty in the north. It's not just a romantic getaway with amazing landscapes. It is the best way to empty your mind of the ordinary and let your everyday stress fade away. It makes us see what's really important in life, and everything else simply falls away.

And to me, this indescribable focus on the things that really matter makes these places in the north the ideal location for your elopement. In that vast, majestic landscape far from big cities, it is as if for the moment everything was focusing on you. And it's just the two of you.

Why is the North of Europe the best intimate wedding destination?

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I love the north through the wind and weather. Soft summer light, foggy autumn mornings, stormy winds, and rain - all of it feels part of the magic. In fact, I love the north not despite but also because of its weather. Grey skies and a bit of rain can make a day all the more memorable than a "perfectly" blue sky and sun. It adds to the realness. To the feeling of adventure. The spirit of the north.

The north makes it more memorable

While the world keeps evolving, things move at an ever quicker pace, and so many people move to bigger cities (usually that means southwards); there's something strikingly different about those harder-to-reach rural places. It's the places where the landscapes have been the same for centuries. The convenience that people are seeking elsewhere is insignificant there. Getting somewhere quickly doesn't matter when the journey itself is worth it, not the destination. Life itself feels more honest and genuine. 

Everything feels more genuine


When you look at your photos, I want you to see that story. The story of how you promised each other the rest of your lives, the love you felt, the connection, the great adventures you embarked on together on this day. If you feel it at the moment, you will feel it when looking at the photos. That's what matters most to me.

If you're anything like me, you've seen so many beautiful locations for elopements, but sometimes you wonder how genuine those places are. As an elopement photographer, I want pictures that show the places as they are, without people clone-stamped out (because the last thing the two of you would like would be to line up behind a group of people to take a picture at a place that looks secluded on Instagram). When alone, you'll experience the connection with nature, and it's much easier to enjoy the stunning scenery and, more importantly, your loved one.

a perfect elopement location vs your memories

Let me explain: I can create the ideal Instagram image on a mountaintop by positioning you perfectly and provoking laughter to capture "an emotional moment." But when you look back at the photo, you'll only recall the silly joke I told and the discomfort of being posed in that manner.

I don't want any of that for you. Instead, I want you to be yourselves and focus on the experience, the moments, and the memories in the making. We can still climb that mountain together or find a spot by the lake. But they aren't backdrops for a photo; they are the settings for your story. So, I promise we won't do anything just for a photo. We will do it for the experience.

Why Memories are so important

As long as I've been an elopement photographer, I've thought that your memories of your elopement day are more important than the photos. Instead of taking inspiration from those awesome shots you see of couples on Instagram or Pinterest, I want you to think mostly about one thing: how do you want to feel about each other when you look at your wedding photos?

What do you want to remember?

Why is your experience more important than the elopement location?

What really matters

the best time to Elope in Europe

Whenever I announce my new elopement location, I'll explain the best option for that specific European country. In short, some countries are easier than others, and sometimes, it's more convenient to have a symbolic ceremony. Also, sometimes having a symbolic ceremony will allow you to have the perfect ceremony location and, thanks to that, an even more meaningful elopement day. And if I'm completely honest, the most moving, personal ceremonies I've witnessed were the ones without an officiant, with the couple reading their vows to one another without scripts.

Even if you sign your marriage license in your home country, it doesn't mean that that date has to be your anniversary. You can get your license signed in your home state's courthouse and then experience once-in-a-lifetime destination elopement in one of the nordic's most perfect destinations. 

Should we get legally married in Europe or have a symbolic elopement ceremony?

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how to elope in Europe

I've experienced it so many times, couples want to elope in a specific place, but as they don't have the experience of our climate, they won't be here at the best time of the year. To help with that, I decided to turn the process around and offer elopements at select locations in the north of Europe on set dates throughout the year as full-day or multi-day experiences.

But answer the question; it indeed depends on the location. Winter elopement in Scandinavia's coldest time of the year can be cold and dark, especially if you're not used to being outside at freezing temperatures. But only a few months later, the days are much warmer, and there's usually plenty of natural light, which makes the experience much better.

On the other hand, knowing what part of Scandinavia to elope to in summer, you won't see any mosquitos or tourist crowds, and you get to experience the hidden gems of Nordic countries - which is perfect for your Europe elopement.

What is the best time of the year to elope in the North of Europe?

My favorite place in Sweden is Gotland, but let me share with you some other incredible elopement destinations in Sweden. Have you ever heard of Abisko National Park? Located in the Swedish Lapland, this untouched wilderness offers serene lakes, rural forests, and dramatic mountain landscapes that create the perfect setting for a breathtaking elopement ceremony.

For a coastal escape, I'd like to introduce you to the beautiful Bohuslän archipelago on Sweden's west coast. This area is a hidden gem with its charming fishing villages, smooth granite cliffs, and sparkling waters. It's an idyllic location for your special day, and I'm sure you'll adore it as much as I do.

Sweden: Islands, The beautiful coast and rolling hills

Have you ever dreamed of getting married under the captivating glow of the northern lights? If so, then Finnish Lapland is the place for you! Oulanka National Park, in particular, is a hidden gem with its lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and pristine rivers. The park's calmness and natural beauty make it an ideal destination for a nature-inspired elopement.

Another captivating Finnish destination you'll fall in love with is the enchanting archipelago of Turku. With its maze of islands and crystal-clear waters, this place will steal your heart. Imagine exchanging vows on a secluded island, surrounded by the pristine beauty of Finnish coastal life. It's truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Finland: Quiet Forests and World's largest archipelago


Stunning Senja, Norway's second-largest island is absolutely stunning. I know you're probably tired of hearing about the same old popular Norwegian locations, and that's why I want to share this secret gem with you. Senja is absolutely stunning, with its rugged coastline, majestic mountains, and quaint fishing villages. It's a serene and enchanting place for your intimate elopement. You'll be amazed by the Arctic light during the summer months, as it bathes the landscape in a golden hue, while the winter season offers a chance to witness the mesmerizing northern lights.

Another lesser-known treasure in Norway: the spellbinding Trollheimen mountain area. Trollheimen mountain area is absolutely stunning and it has dramatic mountains and spectacular scenery. It's the perfect place to start your new life together, surrounded by the calmness of nature.

Norway: Fjords and Unforgettable Landscapes

THE BEST Elopement Destinations in the North of Europe

Destination wedding locations in Europe

The Faroe Islands, with their wild landscapes and untouched beauty, make for an extraordinary elopement destination. Let me tell you about the remote village of Gásadalur, with its iconic Mulafossur waterfall. This breathtaking backdrop for your intimate ceremony will leave you speechless. Trust me, the dramatic scenery of the Faroe Islands is like something out of a dream.

Another lesser-known location you'll adore is the island of Kalsoy, where the Kallur Lighthouse stands majestically on a cliff, offering panoramic views of the surrounding sea and islands. Exchanging your vows at this beautiful location will create memories you'll cherish forever.

Faroe Islands: Untamed Beauty

Iceland is famous for its popular sites like Skógafoss and Reynisfjara, but there's so much more to explore. Let me take you on a journey to the lesser-known Kerlingarfjöll Mountains, where steaming geothermal areas and snow-covered peaks create a surreal and otherworldly landscape. This place is truly magical and will provide an extraordinary backdrop for your elopement.

Another off-the-beaten-path location you should consider is the enchanting Westfjords region. With its remote and rugged coastline, dramatic sea cliffs, and charming villages, the Westfjords offer a truly unique and remarkable setting for your elopement. Imagine exchanging vows on a cliff overlooking the vast ocean, with the wild beauty of Iceland surrounding you – it's an experience you'll never forget.

Iceland: Land of Fire and Ice

Denmark has so much to offer when it comes to elopement destinations. Møns Klint and Råbjerg Mile are two of the country's most photogenic locations, providing the perfect backdrop for an intimate and unforgettable ceremony. With towering chalk cliffs and majestic sand dunes, these stunning landscapes will make your elopement truly unique and memorable.

Denmark is also home to charming small towns and historic castles, offering an array of beautiful settings for your special day. Trust me, you'll be spoiled for choice in this enchanting country!

Denmark: Møns Klint and Råbjerg Mile

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So, there you have it! These lesser-known locations in the north of Europe offer a wealth of natural beauty and provide the perfect setting for an unforgettable elopement. Each destination has its own unique charm and sense of adventure, ensuring that your special day will be truly memorable.

From the serene and unspoiled landscapes of Senja island to the enchanting Finnish archipelago, the north of Europe is a treasure trove of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. As your friend, I'm here to help you find the perfect destination for your elopement, making sure it's everything you've ever dreamed of and more. Remember, the magic of these places lies not only in their breathtaking landscapes but also in the sense of adventure and discovery that comes from exploring them. If you're dreaming to elope in Europe, hit me a message and let's talk!

I don’t sell you on a location or book your accommodation. To me, an elopement is the most personal, meaningful way to celebrate your relationship and the start of the rest of your lives together, so planning it your way is a big part of that. I want the elopement location to speak to you, almost call out to you. I’ll make recommendations for places to stay and gently guide you in dreaming up that experience of a lifetime, but you are the focus of it all. You’re the one who gets to decide on everything - for YOU.

In my opinion, North of Europe is the perfect elopement destination. You can have an adventurous hiking elopement, see northern lights, enjoy beautiful beaches and experience the epic mountain peaks.

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So, I want to help couples learn from my experience and understand that they are allowed to plan a day that is just for them and about their love. 

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