LOFOTEN elopement experience

May 27th to June 7th, 2024

The Lofoten Islands are unpredictable, breathtaking, and full of surprises. The islands are magical, no matter the weather. It's the perfect place to truly feel present.

If you love mountains and you've visited Scandinavia, you've probably heard about the Lofoten Islands. I've seen and photographed the dramatic peaks of Lofoten multiple times over the years, but I'm still amazed at how beautiful, unpredictable, and mysterious the islands are.

I've visited Lofoten almost every season of the year and because I like to avoid the crowds, I have an excellent understanding where to go for a more secluded experience. This said, I always scout the areas before elopements, first using my favorite apps and then again when I arrive at the location.

Honestly, you can never be sure about the weather there, but for me, that's a crucial part of its magic. No matter the weather, eloping in Lofoten Islands will be an adventure of a lifetime. Under the nightless skies of Lofoten, you want to be awake all night. Could there be a more enchanting setting for your elopement?

Ready to experience the nightless nights in one of the most unique places in the world?

The Lofoten Islands in Scandinavia form an archipelago 300km north of the Arctic Circle.

To ensure your experience will be the best possible, every destination will have limited availability of 2 elopement experiences.

This limited availability allows multi-day experiences and backup plans if needed. And most importantly, it ensures we have time to connect with each other.

Early June is a magical time in Lofoten when the islands burst into green while remnants of snow still grace a few majestic peaks. As summer progresses, the once chilly winds give way to milder breezes, and the azure waters reflect the vivid hues of the blooming flora. The beaches, though not tropical, have their own unique charm, with golden sands meeting the clear waters under the ever-present sun. Seabirds dance in the sky, and if you're lucky, you might even spot a pod of orcas in the distance. It's a calm time, as the usual crowds haven't yet descended, offering ample room for private adventures and moments of peace.

The nightless nights are unbelievable in Lofoten. The sun barely sets, which means the landscapes are continuously bathed in a soft, golden light, perfect for those midnight sun picnics. You don't need your headlamp; the natural light here ensures you'll never be in the dark.

Lofoten holds a significant place in my heart, but an elopement here is more than scouting pretty photo spots. It's about making memories that stay with you. Whether we choose to challenge ourselves with a mountain hike, dip our toes in the clear waters, or just relax by the shore, these aren’t just locations to be photographed. They are the settings of your story. So, I'll promise you this: We won't do things just for photos. We do it for the experience. 

timeframe for the experience

June is a magical time to elope in Lofoten

The best time to experience Lofoten

Weeks 22 & 23, between May 27th to June 7th, 2024.

Imagine navigating winding roads, exploring hidden trails, marveling at whale safaris, or ferrying to a secluded island in Lofoten (hello Værøy!). Your once-in-a-lifetime experience is filled with intimate moments for just the two of you.

While I'm there to photograph your story, I also give you space to savor the intimacy. At the same time, I can be your guide and a supportive friend whenever needed.

Photos of you two on your wedding day aren’t just photos; they are memories of moments. Everything you feel in the moment, you will feel when looking at the pictures.That’s why I never want you to plan anything just for the photos.This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put effort or do cool things on your elopement day, far from it. But instead of trying just to find beautiful places to pose for photos, let’s plan things that excite you, make you feel something, and make the whole thing an adventure of a lifetime.

Exploring the never ending fjords

You chose one of the locations I suggested you earlier. The nightless night feels amazing and it makes the hike to the small mountain even more memorable and spiritual. At the ceremony spot, you feel one with the nature. The sun starts to peak between the clouds and the warmth of the sun makes you smile even more.

It's just the two of you at the ceremony spot, overlooking the enchanting valley. As you recite the special words you've penned for one another, you realize this intimate setting is the perfect way to honor your love. With no distractions, you immerse yourselves in the moment as if nothing else exists.

The ceremony in between the mountains

Picture waking up in a traditional Rorbu, the type of house where fishermen once lived while fishing on the Lofoten Islands. The first peek through the curtains reveals those sharp mountains, urging you to venture into the fresh Nordic breeze. 

After your Nordic breakfast, we'll put some of your favorite tunes on and I'll capture how everything feels. Outside, the eternal daylight of early June is softened by a mystical mist above the nearby water. 

You decided to get ready together, but dress separately, so you could have a first look outside or your Rorbu. After I have helped you to find the perfect spot for your first look, I'll fade into the background so you can have all the feelings privately while I'm still making sure you'll have the memories to hold onto.

Waking up next to the sea 

Here is an example of how all this could feel:

Doing things for the experience

Even if you legalize your marriage in your home country, your anniversary does not have to be on that date. You can have your marriage license signed in a courthouse in your home state / city and then have a once-in-a-lifetime elopement in Lofoten Islands.

Legalizing your marriage before the elopement

The most significant benefit of a symbolic ceremony is that it allows you to have your elopement ceremony wherever you want. Also, you can modify it in a way that there's only you two and your vows or someone (a hired officiant, a friend, or a family member) who is making the whole process more unique for you. In my experience, the most authentic moments during the ceremonies often only involve the couple getting married. 

Should we have a symbolic ceremony instead?

Non-residents can legally marry in Lofoten if they complete the required paperwork.

You can get married wherever you want, but you must first follow all regulations set out by the Norwegian Tax Administration. While straightforward, it can be slightly confusing if you’re unfamiliar with Norwegian systems. Don't worry, I'll help with the process if you want, but I would highly recommend the symbolic ceremony for the best experience.

Can foreigners marry in Lofoten and are elopements legal there?


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Hello, I'm Jaakko, a lover of adventure, and a passionate photographer. My heart belongs to the rugged landscapes of Lofoten Islands.

I visited the Islands first time in 2014 and after that I've spend a lot of time on the Islands. First wedding I photographed these was back in 2018, and after that I've had the privilege of documenting many elopements on my favorite location.

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