Sari and Joni

Intimate Sailboat elopement

This was definitely the most memorable day I've had at the Finnish archipelago.

Being a part of Sari and Joni's super-unique sailing trip from Helsinki to Espoo felt like a privilege. 

Their wedding ceremony was at Pihlajasaari island, and hearing their wishes, I found a really cool spot for their ceremony. The best part for me was that they are at least semi-pro climbers, and from the ceremony spot, there was a clear view of a rock they had climbed earlier.

From there, we hopped onto a sailboat. After a few hours enjoying sailing and the sea, we arrived at one of Espoo's small islands where Ulappa - a company that creates unique experiences - offered us a superb menu and experience. Thank you.

But the most enormous thanks goes to Sari and Joni, who invited me to be a part of their day, and I felt - from dawn to dusk - like one of their closest friends.