Rhiannon and Erik

Tromso Engagement

When Erik sent me a message about photographing their proposal in Blåvatnet, near Tromsø, I remember thinking is this really true?

I still remember how excited I was when packing my cameras and thinking about traveling to Tromso. It was almost the end of the wedding season, and nature was slowly getting to sleep, which is the most beautiful time of the year there.

We spend multiple days road-tripping together, driving here and there, eating lunch at the local gas station (better than you think), and dinner at the restaurants. I still remember who is goofy and how to break the ice with your mother-in-law.

These incredibly smart individuals taught me so many things, but most importantly, their super cool attitude toward life. It doesn't matter how long you run chasing waterfalls, mountains, and sunsets. Ultimately, the most important thing is the experience and the connection between us humans.⁠