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Elopement wedding used to mean running away and secretly getting married without informing friends or family. However, the definition of an elopement wedding has undergone a transformation over the years. Today, an elopement wedding is viewed as a more relaxed, simple, and genuine way of tying the knot. It involves just the couple or a small gathering of close friends and family rather than a grand and elaborate ceremony with many guests. The focus is on celebrating the love and commitment between the couple rather than sticking to strict traditional norms or societal expectations.

Elopements are small, intimate, and authentic weddings that reflect the couple's relationship and focus solely on them. Unlike traditional weddings, the emphasis is not on the event, entertaining guests, or following traditions but on the couple's commitment to each other. The result is the same, but the journey and experience of an elopement versus a wedding differ significantly.

But first, What is an elopement wedding?

Making your own traditions

why you should elope

Elopements are intentionally small, intimate, and meaningful wedding experiences that truly reflect your relationship and where the day's focus is about you two.

Focus on what’s most important to you and how you would like to mark the commitment you are about to make.

After creating images for 200+ couples; Why do I think you should elope?

Best reasons to elope

Best reasons to elope

Having your dream elopement will make your commitment to each other so much more meaningful. You might feel like most of arrangements are for guests and it's hard to find a balance that puts enough focus on yourselves and the celebration of your connection while at the same time making all guests happy. And hey, you can still celebrate with friends and family members after your elopement.

3. You want to experience your commitment in more a meaningful way

With big traditional weddings, there's a risk that the whole wedding feels more like a show or party than a meaningful commitment between the you two. With eloping though, you'll make a statement that there's nothing more important your love and commitment. It's the perfect way of saying, hey love, I value our relationship so much that I want you to be my centre of attention on our wedding day. 

2. You feel like your love and commitment deserve to be the centre of attention on your wedding day

Being fully present is really difficult but also highly rewarding for your relationship. It is one of the most apparent reasons to elope, but it's often overlooked. By eloping, you don't have the external pressure to do things "their way," which leads to being more in the moment for your loved one. And in the end, it will give you a better and more meaningful experience of getting married.

1. You want to truly present and in the moment on your wedding day

7. You know that IN THE RURAL AREAS OF the North everything WILL MAKE more sense. 

If you don't know the benefits, please read this.

6. You know that time spent well is the most precious thing we have

Sometimes getting married in your home town is the easiest option but it couldn't feel more wrong. Maybe one of the best reasons to elope is to have once-in-a-lifetime trip that concentrates on just you -experience. 

5. You rather want to do once-in-a-lifetime trip for your elopement than make compromises to have a party at the convenient place

Maybe saying your own vows in front of a lot of guests doesn't feel very genuine for you. Maybe you don't want to think about if everyone else wants to hike a few miles to your perfect elopement spot. Or maybe you just don't want to share the intimacy of your ceremony moment with everyone, because you know that it won't be the same that way.

4. You feel like that to experience your commitment the right way, it should be just between the two of you

Life can be very uncertain and fragile. At the end, the most important thing we have is time well spent. The time spent together doing something meaningful and extraordinary will never feel insignificant.

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Hey, I'm Jaakko. A few years ago, I married my wife pretty traditionally. At the time, it felt like the best decision. However, I didn't quite understand how emotional the day would feel and how hard it was to be 100% myself. We didn't get a meaningful experience as a couple because we were self-conscious in front of crowds and cared too much about what everyone else was doing. It's easy to say now that because both my wife and I are all about experience, and we should've eloped. 

So, I want to help couples learn from my experience and understand that they are allowed to plan a day that is just for them and about their love. 

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