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Eloping in Europe in 2025: The Magic of Less Known Destinations

You've probably seen a bunch of those articles where people just list places to elope without giving any helpful information or their unique perspective on elopements. Well, I would like to think this isn't one of them.

For starters, as you probably know, Europe is a massive continent, meaning you should most likely wear a sweater in the fjords of Northern Scandinavia, while on the white sand beaches of Mediterranean coast, it's best to elope wearing an elegant summer dress. In this blog post, I will introduce my favorite locations in Europe to exchange vows and explain why some areas are my favorites for intimate elopements. I excluded places that feel too commercial for me, for example Santorini, Greece.

In the end you'll find my Europe Elopement Packages. But let's first answer the question: why do I think your experience is more important than the elopement location?

Why do i think this elopement guide is different?

Updated June 18th, 2024.

The best elopement destinations

When you look at your photos, I want you to see that story. The story of how you promised each other the rest of your lives, the love you felt, the connection, the great adventures you embarked on together on this day. If you feel it at the moment, you will feel it when looking at the photos. That's what matters most to me.

If you're anything like me, you've seen so many beautiful locations for elopements, but sometimes you wonder how genuine those places are. As an elopement photographer, I want pictures that show the places as they are, without people clone-stamped out (because the last thing the two of you would like would be to line up behind a group of people to take a picture at a place that looks secluded on Instagram). When alone, you'll experience the connection with nature, and it's much easier to enjoy the stunning scenery and, more importantly, your loved one.

a perfect elopement location vs your memories

Let me explain: I can create the ideal Instagram image on a mountaintop by positioning you perfectly and provoking laughter to capture "an emotional moment." But when you look back at the photo, you'll only recall the silly joke I told and the discomfort of being posed in that manner.

I don't want any of that for you. Instead, I want you to be yourselves and focus on the experience, the moments, and the memories in the making. We can still climb that mountain together or find a spot by the lake. But they aren't backdrops for a photo; they are the settings for your story. So, I promise we won't do anything just for a photo. We will do it for the experience.

Why Memories are so important

As long as I've been an elopement photographer, I've thought that your memories of your elopement day are more important than the photos. Instead of taking inspiration from those awesome shots you see of couples on Instagram or Pinterest, I want you to think mostly about one thing: how do you want to feel about each other when you look at your wedding photos?

What do you want to remember?

Why is your experience more important than the elopement location?

What really matters

The Faroe Islands are nature's best-kept secret in the North Atlantic, where the sea embraces rugged cliffs and vast skies touch verdant meadows. For couples yearning for an intimate and uncharted elopement, this archipelago offers tales as old as time and vistas that seem to be painted by the gods themselves.

Options for an adventurous elopement in the Faroe Islands:

  1. Gásadalur Village & Múlafossur Waterfall: Nestled against mountains, the village of Gásadalur feels like a page from a folklore book. Nearby, the iconic Múlafossur Waterfall cascades directly into the ocean. This serene setting, with the rhythmic sound of the waterfall, provides an ethereal backdrop for a heartfelt ceremony.

  2. Saksun: An enchanting village with turf-roofed houses and a tidal lagoon that changes its face with the tides. This hidden bay, encircled by steep cliffs, offers intimacy and a connection to nature that few places can match.

  3. Tindhólmur: An uninhabited islet with sharp peaks that rise dramatically from the sea. Accessible by boat, its untouched terrains and panoramic views of surrounding islands like Vágar and Mykines make it a surreal elopement spot.

Eloping in the Faroe Islands is like stepping into another realm – where traditions, myths, and nature dance in harmony. Here, amidst the collision of ocean waves and mountain silhouettes, your love story gains a timeless quality.

Faroe Islands: Love amidst nature's unspoiled theatre

A place where the world seems to both stand still and dance. For an intimate wedding, this country offers its heart and soul, especially when you sidestep the common trails and venture where only the eagles dare.

Less-known locations for intimate Norwegian weddings:

  1. Veggen, Lofoten: This relatively lesser-known peak in Lofoten is a hidden gem. The trek up Veggen provides panoramic views of Ballstad, a quaint fishing village, and the vastness of the Vestfjord. A ceremony top of Veggen, with the setting or rising sun casting a golden hue over the endless sea, is the stuff of dreams.

  2. Steinetinden, Lofoten: Not far from Tromsø, Steinetinden offers an accessible hike with unmatched views. As you reach the summit, the fjords, mountains, and islands sprawl beneath, providing a cinematic backdrop for your vows.

  3. Lovatnet, Southern Norway: In the shadow of the Jostedal Glacier lies Lovatnet, a lake of ethereal beauty. Its emerald waters reflect surrounding peaks, creating a mirage of heaven on Earth. Nearby, a cascade of waterfalls, like Ramnefjellsfossen, adds to the drama. An intimate ceremony by Lovatnet’s shores, with the melodies of nature serenading you, is pure magic.

To get married there is to be at the mercy of the elements. There, you're only a tiny peace of it all, and you can really sense it when the fresh breeze is blowing from the north.

Italy, often painted as a canvas of Renaissance wonders and bustling piazzas, is also a sanctuary of untouched natural beauty. When you elope in its green hills and quiet valleys, you're not just getting married. You're blending your love story with the beauty of Italy.

Some example locations for Italy elopement:

  1. Dolomites Mountains: Rising against the skies of Northern Italy, the Dolomites are your perfect alpine paradise. Imagine your vows echoing in a place like Cadini di Misurina. Secluded and breathtakingly dramatic.

  2. Olive Groves of Umbria: Less frequented than Tuscany but equally mesmerizing, the olive groves and vineyards of Umbria offer an enchanting backdrop. Amidst this verdant expanse, the only witnesses might be the whispering trees and chirping birds.

  3. Gole dell'Alcantara, Sicily: Formed thousands of years ago, these canyons near Mount Etna are a natural cathedral, with basalt columns and crystal-clear waters as nature’s altar.

Eloping in Italy isn't just about a scenic backdrop. It's an intimate experience where you feel the heartbeat of a country that has celebrated love in all its forms for millennia. In Italy, romance isn't an industry; it's a way of life.

The most popular places to elope in Europe

Destination wedding locations in Europe

Switzerland's charm extends beyond its iconic peaks and blue waters. Swizz mountain peaks might be the most beautiful I've ever seen and offer the best nature-experience you could imagine. While I've photographed elopements in more popular places, like in Lake Oeschinensee (in the photo), I wouldn't probably recommend those places because they are usually very crowded. The photo here was taken just before sunset when everyone else had left from the lake.

Hidden Treasures for Your Swiss Elopement:

  1. Lago di Saoseo, Val Poschiavo: Nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Lago di Saoseo is a gem often overlooked. This azure lake, surrounded by dense forests and dotted with larch trees, reflects the majesty of the surrounding peaks. It offers a tranquil setting, allowing nature's untouched beauty to envelop you as you exchange vows.

  2. Flims, Graubünden: Located in the canton of Graubünden, Flims presents a harmonious blend of serene lakes, dense forests, and alpine meadows. Beyond its skiing reputation, Flims in summertime is a revelation with its turquoise Lake Cauma and the serene backdrop of the Swiss Alps, making it an ideal setting for those seeking both adventure and intimacy.

  3. Lac de Taney, Valais: Hidden in the Valais region, Lac de Taney is a serene alpine lake, surrounded by verdant meadows and majestic mountain ranges. Accessible via a scenic hike, its isolation ensures a degree of privacy, and the picturesque chalets nearby offer a touch of Swiss rustic charm, making it a poetic setting for an elopement brimming with character.

Switzerland: Alpine atmosphere and elopement dreams

In the land where fire meets ice, where geysers erupt in spectacular symphonies and auroras paint the night, Iceland stands as one of the best places to elope. Venture beyond its popular landmarks, and you'll uncover some truly secluded havens.

Less-known locations for your Icelandic elopement ceremony:

  1. Stokksnes, Southeast Iceland: Nestled away from the main tourist trails, Stokksnes, with its dramatic black sands, stands under the sentinel watch of the majestic Vestrahorn mountain. This quiet coastal expanse, marked by changing tides and shifting moods, offers a breathtaking canvas for your commitment to one another.

  2. Hellulaug Hot Spring, Westfjords: Hidden within the rugged terrains of the Westfjords, the geothermal waters of Hellulaug beckon. This natural hot spring, overlooking the fjord and far removed from the urban din, provides a serene setting. Imagine immersing yourselves in its warm embrace post-vows, celebrating your union amidst nature's wonders.

  3. Fauskasandur Black Sand Beach, East Iceland: Off the beaten track, Fauskasandur unveils its vast expanse of velvety black sands juxtaposed against a fierce Atlantic horizon. As a top pick for those seeking the best places to elope, its untouched grandeur promises privacy and unparalleled beauty.

While eloping in Iceland is getting super popular, it is still out of this world. It's good to know that weather in Iceland can be super harsh so choose your destination carefully and pay attention to local rules and you'll be enjoying something truly magnificent.
From the misty embrace of the Scottish Highlands to the rhythmic melodies of Loch shores, Scotland emerges as the perfect canvas for a destination elopement. This nation stands out among the best elopement locations, blending raw beauty with layers of history.

Hidden Gems for Your Scottish Elopement Ceremony:

  1. Rannoch Moor, Central Highlands: If you probably don't want to elope in a famous tourist destination, consider the isolated splendor of Rannoch Moor. Surrounded by rugged mountains and serene lochans, this expansive wilderness with its heather-clad moors offers an intimate setting, far removed from the usual trails.

  2. Sandwood Bay, Sutherland: Nestled in Scotland's far north, Sandwood Bay unveils a mile-long stretch of golden sands, hugged tightly by imposing cliffs and dunes. Accessible only by foot, this remote beach promises true intimacy, where nature’s symphony becomes the sole witness to your vows.

  3. Kilmartin Glen, Argyll: Beyond its verdant allure, Kilmartin Glen, strewn with ancient stone circles, cairns, and standing stones, beckons those seeking depth and mystique in their elopement locations.

Elopement in Scotland isn't merely about a location; it’s an experience, a journey through time, and an embrace of the land’s pure essence. In the heart of its ancient valleys and atop secluded cliffs, your love story finds a home.

Scotland: Whispered vows amidst ancient Highlands

The cleanest air in the World, the long days or summer, quiet forests. and the Northern lights. What else can you hope for?

Less-known locations for intimate elopements in Finland:

  1. Ukko-Koli, Koli National Park: Perched atop Ukko-Koli, the highest peak in eastern Finland, you'll find sweeping views of Lake Pielinen and the rugged wilderness below. An elopement here, with the forest canopy and shimmering lake stretching into the horizon, promises an unforgettable connection to nature.

  2. Oulanka National Park: Hidden within the park's lush landscape is Oulanka Canyon. The steep cliffs cradle the flowing Oulankajoki River, and the surrounding forest creates a tranquil setting for a private ceremony. As you exchange vows beside the river, the gentle sound of water and rustling leaves provide a peaceful backdrop.

  3. Archipelago Sea, Turku: The maze-like Archipelago Sea, dotted with thousands of islands, provides endless secluded spots for intimate ceremonies. Find your private islet, where the calm waves lap against the shore, and the sea breeze whispers promises of a lifetime.

To elope in Finland is to be embraced by nature's quiet power. Here, amidst the pristine lakes and whispering pines, you can feel the soul-stirring stillness and the freedom of the northern breeze.

If you want to truly feel present, there's no better place than the north. Places like Lofoten, the Faroe Islands, or Lapland are entirely at the mercy of the elements. There, nature's force set the rhythm, and we humans are only a tiny piece of it all. And you can feel this deep in your soul when you stand by the wild sea or at one of the silent lakes when you travel through vast open spaces and explore nature's barren, raw beauty in the north. It's not just a romantic getaway with amazing landscapes. It is the best way to empty your mind of the ordinary and let your everyday stress fade away. It makes us see what's really important in life, and everything else simply falls away.

And to me, this indescribable focus on the things that really matter makes these places in the north the ideal location for your elopement. In that vast, majestic landscape far from big cities, it is as if for the moment everything was focusing on you. And it's just the two of you.

Why do I think Northern Europe is the best intimate elopement destination?

How to elope in Europe

I love the north through the wind and weather. Soft summer light, foggy autumn mornings, stormy winds, and rain - all of it feels part of the magic. In fact, I love the north not despite but also because of its weather. Grey skies and a bit of rain can make a day all the more memorable than a "perfectly" blue sky and sun. It adds to the realness. To the feeling of adventure. The spirit of the north.

The north makes it more memorable

While the world keeps evolving, things move at an ever quicker pace, and so many people move to bigger cities (usually that means southwards); there's something strikingly different about those harder-to-reach rural places. It's the places where the landscapes have been the same for centuries. The convenience that people are seeking elsewhere is insignificant there. Getting somewhere quickly doesn't matter when the journey itself is worth it, not the destination. Life itself feels more honest and genuine. 

Everything feels more genuine


Are you trying to find best countries to elope? I believe most couples trying to find the best places to elope are not just looking for epic scenery. Let me tell you, the perfect elopement destination isn't probably the one you immediately find on Google search. That is because those places often get crowded, and even though you think the beautiful waterfalls are secluded, it turns out that there are cafés and souvenirs sold next to those stunning landmarks. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it, but it's probably not the experience you're hoping for when you dream about your wedding destination.

the best time to Elope in Europe

Whenever I announce my new elopement location, I'll explain the best option for that specific European country. In short, some countries are easier than others, and sometimes, it's more convenient to have a symbolic ceremony. Also, sometimes having a symbolic ceremony will allow you to have the perfect ceremony location and, thanks to that, an even more meaningful elopement day. And if I'm completely honest, the most moving, personal ceremonies I've witnessed were the ones without an officiant, with the couple reading their vows to one another without scripts.

Even if you sign your marriage license in your home country, it doesn't mean that that date has to be your anniversary. You can get your license signed in your home state's courthouse and then experience once-in-a-lifetime destination elopement in one of the Europe's most perfect destinations. 

If you have a specific country in your mind and I haven't announced an elopement experience there yet you would love to have your intimate wedding, hit me a message and let's see how can we make it happen.

Should we get legally married in Europe or have a symbolic elopement ceremony?

Elopement ceremony tips

how to elope in Europe

I've experienced it so many times, couples want to elope in a specific place, but as they don't have the experience of our climate, they won't be here at the best time of the year. To help with that, I decided to turn the process around and offer elopements at select locations in the north of Europe on set dates throughout the year as full-day or multi-day experiences.

But answer the question; it indeed depends on the location. Winter elopement in Scandinavia's coldest time of the year can be cold and dark, especially if you're not used to being outside at freezing temperatures. But only a few months later, the days are much warmer, and there's usually plenty of natural light, which makes the experience much better.

On the other hand, knowing what part of Scandinavia to elope to in summer, you won't see any mosquitos or tourist crowds, and you get to experience the hidden gems of Scandinavian countries - which is perfect for your Europe elopement.

What is the best time of the year to elope in the North of Europe?

about me

Your elopement ceremony can be customized to highlight the specialness of your union. From bringing in elements from local cultures, such as traditional music or clothing, to symbolic rituals like handfasting ceremonies and tree planting, there are so many ways you can make it uniquely yours. Personalizing your European-based nuptials will create an unforgettable experience that is rooted in all aspects of love’s journey together.

You could write custom vows for one another, too! Showcase culture through food options during your day. If possible, simply adding personal touches with these sorts of cultural nods adds authenticity and depth to the event overall. Lastly, incorporating any sort of meaningful activity into this already momentous occasion will complete what has been created, expressing devotion while at a lasting place to remember for years down the line.

After the booking, I'll send you more ideas how to to customize your European elopement ceremony, but if you have specific questions about ceremonies, just hit me a message!

How do you personalize your elopement ceremony for a truly unique experience?

Making things unique as you

Elopement ceremony tips

I know it's hard to decide with all the European elopement locations, especially when considering the marriage laws. I would recommend that you first think about what elements draw you in and then start considering if you would like to get officially married or if the symbolic ceremony will be a more intimate and personal choice for you. I wouldn't leave out, for example, Switzerland, even though officially eloping there is most likely impossible for you.

For couples looking for an elopement destination in Europe, Denmark is an excellent option due to its relaxed marriage laws. Other popular options include Italy, Austria, Norway, and Iceland. For those seeking something unique, there are places like Montenegro, Slovenia, Faroe Islands, or even the Isle of Skye in Scotland.

What is the easiest place to elope in Europe?

My Europe elopement packages & FAQ

Looking for elopement packages europe? Experience your adventure elopement with European elopement photographer

Absolutely! First, I'm 100% sure that an elopement is the most intimate and significant way to honor your relationship and celebrate the beginning of your life together. Making it personal is so important that the day feels like you. 

Second, I will suggest accommodation options, activities, and ceremony places and assist you in creating an unforgettable experience, but the focus is always on you. The final decisions and choices are yours to make for your special day.

Do you help us plan our dream day?

I have limited availability on my calendar for à la carte elopements, but I would love to make it happen. Contact me, and let's see how it can be done!

We are planning to elope elsewhere, but we love your approach and style. Can you come there?

I offer elopements at select locations in Europe on set dates throughout the year as full day or multi-day experiences. If you're unsure why I do this, please read this first.

I'll announce my new destinations first to my mailing list and two days after that to Instagram. To ensure your experience will be the best possible, every elopement destination will have limited availability between 2-3 elopement experiences.

Join my mailing list to get started and drop me a message whenever you feel like.

I saw you had a destinations page on your website. What does it mean? Do you offer european elopement packages?

Absolutely! But remember, inviting guests into your elopement may slightly alter its essence. In such situations, I'd recommend planning a multi-day elopement, allowing you to savor those intimate moments with your partner while celebrating with your loved ones.

Additionally, if you choose to weave in friends or family into this special occasion, they must resonate with your unconventional approach. Ensure they understand this isn't about grand wedding traditions but rather a tailored celebration that mirrors the unique tapestry of your bond.

Can we elope with family?

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Hey, I'm Jaakko. I'm a European adventure elopement photographer based in Finland.

A few years ago, I married my wife pretty traditionally. At the time, it felt like the best decision. However, I didn't quite understand how emotional the day would feel and how hard it was to be 100% myself. We didn't get a meaningful experience as a couple because we were self-conscious in front of crowds and cared too much about what everyone else was doing. It's easy to say now that because both my wife and I are all about experience, we should've eloped. 

So, I want to help couples learn from my experience and understand that they are allowed to plan a day that is just for them and about their love. 

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